Environmental education

What do young people think of environmental education? What place should environmental education occupy in our society? What do you think of environmental education today? How should it be implemented to be more effective? We attempted to answer these questions over the course of our study. To do this, we asked respondents to position themselves […]

Environmental issues as a priority

Do young people give priority to environmental issues? In your opinion, should environmental issues be prioritized over other societal issues (culture, health, immigration, economy, etc.)? In order to learn more about the place given to ecology in society, we asked our respondents about the level of priority they attribute or would like to be given […]

Relationship with nature

Do young people feel able to express their opinions about their relationship with nature? Sometimes, an individual does not feel able to express themselves on a subject, that is to say that they do not feel sufficiently competent to dare to expose their knowledge or opinion. The debates on the degradation of biodiversity and global […]

Agreements and disagreements

Do young people always agree with each other on environmental issues? During our survey, we met young people aged 15-24 engaged in ecology, but also young people, from the same age group, who refute, put into perspective or doubt the importance of the environmental crisis. Do young people, declaring themselves committed to the environment and […]

Radicality in engagement

What do young people think of radicalization in the ecology field? Since researchers (S. la Branche, 2019; E. Gravier & S. la Branche 2020) claim to have identified a certain tendency towards the radicalization of young people in the ecological movement. We have collected activists points’ of view on this subject during our survey. Without […]

The risks of engagement

Do young people feel they are taking risks when they state their beliefs? The engaged people we interviewed told us about the different risks they feel they are taking: 1. Physical risks, which concern bodily harm during events. 2. Moral risks, which are moral intimidations such as teasing, insults or stigmatization. 3. Reputational risks, which […]

Searching for consistency

Do young people sometimes feel that their actions are not in line with their convictions? It is not always easy to be engaged. The young people we met as part of our research revealed their difficulties. First difficulty: being afraid of losing facedifficulté : Second difficulty: staying true to one’s values in all situations Third […]

Engagement Display

Do young people display their social or ecological engagement on social networks freely? What information do you share about your beliefs? The young people interviewed as part of our survey do not always give the same visibility to their engagement on social networks for several reasons. Personally, do you feel that the content you post […]

Origin of commitment

When does engagement begin for youth? Defining an “engaged person” is not easy… That’s why we asked young people to tell us about it. Most notably, they mentioned the origin of their commitment.  For example, do you think it is absolutely necessary to have grown up in a family that is aware of environmental issues […]